Covid-19 Update – July 5, 2021

Dear Valued Clients,

With our province opening up July 11th, we will be adjusting our COVID-19 policies starting Monday July 12th.

While our preference is still to serve you curbside and contactless as much as possible, we will now be allowing ONE person in the exam room during your pet’s appointment if desired (exception: for euthanasia we are still allowing 2 people in the room). If you have other family members with you, we ask that you all stay in your vehicle, and we will serve you curbside. We will still have hand sanitizing and mask protocols in place, to keep our staff and you, our clients, safe. We will also be asking you screening questions prior to your appointment.

Here is what it will look like when you come for your appointment:

1) Please continue to CALL when you arrive – our waiting area is small, and we do not want it to become over-crowded. We will either then collect your pet from your vehicle if doing curbside, or wave you and your pet in, when our exam room is ready.

2) We will ask that you sanitize your hands, or wash your hands with soap and water, prior to the appointment once you are in the exam room.

3) Masks will be mandatory in ALL areas of the clinic. If you forget yours, we will provide one for you. If you prefer not to wear a mask, please continue to have us serve you curbside.

4) During your appointment, the veterinarian will take a history and hear about your questions and concerns. Once they have discussed what needs to be done for the appointment, we will have a technician come in to hold your pet for the exam/procedures (decreasing close contact as much as possible).

Our policy on house calls will also be changing – we will be resuming house calls, but for euthanasia for our clients only at this time. Weather permitting, outdoor euthanasia will be preferred if possible. House calls will depend on staff availability. We still ask that you please wear masks when the veterinarian is present.

This pandemic has been unpredictable – our current policies may be subject to change at any time.

We know that after over a year of doing things differently, it will be an adjustment for everybody until the new policies become second nature. Please be patient with all of our staff as we adjust to the new protocols. As usual, we will not tolerate any verbal abuse.

We are looking forward to seeing you again!