Pet Photography

Mumford copyErin McFarland is a professional photographer in Saskatoon. I first met Erin through a co-worker. We were looking for a photographer to help us with our clinic website development and for our staff photos in the clinic (see her blog post HERE). We thought what better way to capture us with our pets than to have a pet photographer!  We will focus on her pet business High Four Pet Photography, but know that this lady is talented in multiple aspects of photography (her human photography business is Empixx Photography).


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Erin started pet photography at home – taking photos of her beloved dogs Spy and Oakley (pictured left). She got so much joy from doing this that she realized everyone should have the opportunity to have beautiful memories of their pets. She found a passion for pet photography and considers it a gift to be able to take stunning photos of people and their pets.


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If the first thought that comes to your mind is “There is no way my pet would behave for a photo shoot”. Think again. Erin WILL get that perfect shot. We don’t know how she does it but we can only describe it as performing miracles!  I have never been personally disappointed with her work. She takes all the time she needs to get the right images. During a session with my two dogs, we had been at the off-leash park for over 2 hours. We had lots of great shots and the sun was starting to set. Even as we walked back to our vehicle, she stopped me to say ‘Hey can we get one more? I just got another idea’. The creative wheels in her brain are always turning.


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So what can you expect from a photo session with her? Fun and easy-going!  She has a studio in her home if that’s your preference, but she will also meet you anywhere to take photos of your pets – at your home, your favorite park, or even by the river. And no species will be turned down!


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I can’t say enough good things about Erin and her skills as a photographer. But there’s more…she routinely does photo shoots for fundraisers for the animal rescues in Saskatoon (for example Christmas pet photos or Valentine’s day photos) where she donates her time and skill for a small fee – ALL proceeds go towards animal rescues in Saskatoon. You can find her at “Pets in the Park” in the summer as well, supporting New Hope Dog Rescue, SCAT Street Cat Rescue and Saskatoon SPCA. And if that wasn’t enough – she donates a portion of EVERY photography session booked to the SPCA.


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Pet photography is Erin’s passion and she truly loves what she does – and she does all of this while giving back to the community. If you want memories of your furry family members that will last you a lifetime, consider Erin at High Four Pet Photography!